• Duff MacDonald is a versatile Canadian singer, songwriter and actor hailing from the prairies of Saskatchewan now residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    His vocals have been compared to the likes of David Bowie, Gordon Lightfoot and Ray LaMontagne.  His music has hints of Soul, Country, Pop and Indie Folk with deep roots in the Scottish Irish Celtic culture, his music surely has infusions of this as well.  
  • A dynamic performer with over 30 years experience on the world stage, he sings with true deep connection to the music with heartfelt emotion and empathy. 
    His first album ROOTS was a true cross section of many styles and his dedication to his varied and multi-faceted musical career. It was received with much success and garnered favourable reviews. His new album NAKED is a critical success and has received airplay globally. 


  • Don't miss his new online live streaming talk show AROUND THE WORLD with Duff MacDonald. Now streaming on Youtube and Facebook as he interviews folks from around the globe gaining a perspective on how people's lives have been affected by COVID-19 and how they live now. 
  • Catch him as "Garth" on the episode 4 Season 2 of CTV's CARTER starring Jerry O'Connell - Now streaming on the new CTV Drama Channel (airs Nov 8th, 2019)
  • Don't miss him on the upcoming episode of  LET'S GO LUNA (Bankok) as "Lek" the puppeteer.
  • His new hit country single PENNIES, NICKELS & DIMES can be heard on country station playlists across Canada and streamed/purchased on iTunes. Listen HERE.
  • Recently played OFFICER LOCKSTOCK in Toronto Musical Concert's IN CONCERT of URINETOWN - The Musical at the Al Green Theatre.
  • Look for him in the new superhero series TITANS, streaming exclusively on NETFLIX.
  • Recently cast in Episode 4 of Season 5 of  GOOD WITCH (Hallmark)  as "Reverend Blackwood." 
  • ​Premier of the musical KAMP presented by Neptune/Eastern Front Theatre in Halifax NS. Canada.
  • Duff just completed a successful run in the Broadway award winning musical ONCE  as "Eamon" in February and March 2018 at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba and The Grand Theatre in London ON.​​
  • Duff's new album NAKED is now digitally available online! 
  • Stream and download on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and iTunes as well as many other platforms worldwide.​





As "Posh Dad/Miner" in the upcoming run of 

 BILLY ELLIOT  in Halifax at Neptune Theatre.